Diesel Air Heaters

For heating interior of boats, truck cabins, motor homes, buses etc. The heaters Planar are compact and efficient, do not require any specific maintenance. 

• Four models to chose from:

      Planar 2D-12 / -24   -  2,700÷3,200 BTU/hr
      Planar 4DM-12 / -24 - 3,200÷11,000 BTU/hr
      Planar 44D-12 / -24 - 3,200÷13,600 BTU/hr
      Planar 8DM-12 /-24 - 6,300÷21,000 (25,600) BTU/hr

• 12 V and 24 V modificationa available
• Variable application for interior cabin heating
• Low consumption of fuel and power
• User friendly operating control with two operating modes:
      Tempearture Mode
      Power Mode 
• Stepless heating regulator and silent operation
• Self-diagnostic system with malfunction code table

Air Heating System Installation Guide


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diesel air heater Planar 2D-12 (TR)

Diesel Air Heater Planar 2D-12/24 (TR) with truck installation kit

Diesel Air Heater PLANAR 4DM-12 (-24)

For heating up to 25 ft. boats, commercial trucks, vans, motor homes.

Diesel Air Heater PLANAR 44D-12 (-24)

For heating 25-35 ft. boats, commercial trucks, buses, motor homes, vans.

Diesel Air Heater PLANAR 8DM-12 (-24)

For heating 35-48 ft. boats, commercial trucks, buses, motor homes, vans. *IN STOCK*