Pre-start engine heater BINAR 5S (gasoline); 12 V

Heater BINAR 5S (gasoline) can be installed in commercial trucks, cars, motor-homes, heavy equipment, school buses

Pre-start engine coolant heaters work independently from engine. They heat up engine coolant to provide easy start at low temperature. At the same time they supply hot air to passenger cabin/compartment keeping it warm and dry.

Heaters BINAR 5S (diesel or gas) have programmable start and stop control and automatically maintain pre-set engine and cabin temperature. 

Refer to Operation Manual for installation and operation procedures. 

Wireless control is available via smartphone app. Modem installation is required (sold separately).

Refer to Instruction Manual.

Technical details:

  • Heat output; kW (BTU):                5.0 (17,000)                   
  •  Fuel                                                gasoline                                         
  •  Fuel consumption; l/h (gal/h):    0.7 (0.18)                       
  •  Nominal supply voltage; V:        12 
  •  Operating voltage; V:                   9.5...16                            
  •  Power consumption; W (A):        73.0 (6.0)                         
  •  Coolant                                           anifreeze                      
  •  Weight (with kit); kg:                      8.0