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Diesel Air

planar diesel heaters | Planar Marine & Truck Air Hetares

For heating interior of boats, truck cabins, motor homes, buses etc. Give us a call & don’t be shy. We will answer all your questions.



planar diesel engine heaters | Planar Marine & Truck Air Hetares

Coolant heaters provide efficient preheating for engines, hydraulic systems, hot water tanks, and auxiliary heat for cargo or passenger space.



planar diesel & engine heaters | Planar Marine & Truck Air Hetares

COMBO 25D-12 is the most optimal 12V diesel auxiliary heating system for commercial trucks and heavy equipment.


Heating System Equip

planar heating system equipment | Planar Marine & Truck Heaters

Planar Heaters provides Heating System Installation Equipment for any of your projects.



Spare Parts for diesel & engine heaters | Plana Marine & Truck Heaters

Planar Heaters provides Replacement Spare Parts for the heaters PLANAR, BINAR, 14TC-MINI


Most Popular Products

Diesel Air Heater PLANAR 2D-12 | Planar Marine & Truck Air Hetares


Diesel Air Heater PLANAR 2D-12
(-24) For heating up to 25ft.
boats, commercial trucks, campers,


Diesel Air Heater Planar & Engine Coolant Preheater Binar | Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters

Combo 25D-12

Combo 25D-12. Diesel Air Heater
Planar 2D-12 (TR) and engine
coolant heater Binar 5D-12


binar 5s diesel planar | Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters

BINAR 5S(diesel)12V

Heaters BINAR 5S (diesel or gas) have programmable start and stop control and automatically maintain pre-set engine and cabin temperature.


hydronic heater planar | Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters

Hydronic Heater

Heater 14TC-Mini-12 (-24) can be
installed in commercial trucks, boats up to 50′, heavy equipment.


Latest News & Events

2708, 2017

How To Choose Your Diesel Heater?

August 27th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|

Planar Diesel Heaters are a great way to heat your vehicles and marine vessels. With our heaters your comfort during the cold seasons will be significantly increased giving you the ability to use your cars, trucks, vans, sailboats, powerboats and yachts all-year- round. Because our heaters do not depend on the engine to operate, it means that you can bring your vehicle or vessel to the ideal heat without even needing to start your engine. After you have decided to go with a diesel air heater, there are several factors to [...]

2708, 2017

Why Do We Recommend Diesel Heaters?

August 27th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|

When it is warm you can have enjoyable days on the road or at sea. But what if you must make that trip in the cold? What if your business depends on it? The cold weather should not mean that your travel will be in uncomfortable conditions. To ensure your comfort, you will need to consider a heating option for your vehicle or marine vessel. The Diesel Heaters by Planar is just what you need. What is a Planar Diesel Heaters & how does it work? The Diesel Heaters Planar are [...]

Diesel Heater Planar | Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters

Planar Marine &
Truck Air Heaters Ltd.

Teplostar/Advers Ltd. is a Russian leading developer and manufacturer of a wide range of various heating systems for commercial trucks, boats, motor homes, heavy equipment, etc.

Since 1995 the company has been focused on providing reliable, efficient, and affordable products which can be used in the most severe conditions.

Today, the company owns R&D and manufacturing facilities in three regions across the country with over 1,000 employees and with a production capacity of 200,000 units per year.