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About Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters

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Planar Marine & Truck Air Heaters Ltd. is the first Canadian Distributor of Teplostar/Advers Ltd. – Russian leading developer and manufacturer of the heating systems for commercial trucks, boats,heavy equipment, etc. We sell Air Heaters PLANAR ranged from 11,000 BTU to 21,000 BTU directly to our customers and provide installation and service with 2-year warranty backed-up by the manufacturer. There are Hydronic Heating Systems BINAR (17,000 BTU) and TEPLOSTAR (41,000 BT) coming to local market and will be available soon. Keep checking our web-site for announcements.

Our showroom & warehouse open for public:

109-18635 52 Ave. Surrey, BC, V3S 8E5
+1 604-719-4663

About Teplostar/Advers Ltd.

Teplostar/Advers Ltd. is a Russian leading developer and manufacturer of a wide range of various heating systems for commercial trucks, boats, motor homes, heavy equipment, etc.

Since 1995 the company has been focused on providing reliable, efficient, and affordable products which can be used in the most severe conditions.

Today, the company owns R&D and manufacturing facilities in three regions across the country with over 1,000 employees and with a production capacity of 200,000 units per year.

About Planar Marine & Truck Heaters | Planar Marine & Truck Heaters

There are four product families available today

Forced Air Heating Systems PLANAR
Hydronic Heating Systems TEPLOSTAR
Hydronic Heating Systems BINAR
Hot Gas Blowers TERMMIKS

Starting from 2003 the heaters Teplostar and Planar have been supplied to the leading truck and heavy equipment manufacturers in Russia and Belarus – KAMAZ, MAZ, URALAZ. The average monthly supply has reached 3,000 units per month. The heaters have demonstrated high efficiency and reliability in an extremely harsh environment and severe climate.

In 2007 Advers/Teplostar Ltd.received ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

In 2009 the company received ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System Certificate.

The company received over 20 patents on various technical solutions implemented in the heating systems.

Most Popular Products

Diesel Air HEater Planar 2d-12-24 | Planar Marine & Truck Heaters


Diesel Air Heater PLANAR 2D-12(-24) For heating up to 25ft. boats, commercial trucks, campers,vans.


Planar Marine Combo 25D-12 | Planar Marine & Truck Heaters

Combo 25D-12

Combo 25D-12. Diesel Air Heater
Planar 2D-12 (TR) and engine
coolant heater Binar 5D-12


Planar Marine p38-001 | Planar Marine & Truck Heaters

Planar p38-001

1-1/2″ (38mm) Stainless steel horizontal double wall exhaust thru hull. Includes heat resistant gaskets.


Planar Marine Hydronic Heater | Planar Marine & Truck Heaters

Hydronic Heater

Heater 14TC-Mini-12 (-24) can be
installed in commercial trucks, boats up to 50′, heavy equipment.