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4 Reasons Why a Lithium Battery is Best for Cold-Weather Camping

4 Reasons Why a Lithium Battery is Best for Cold-Weather Camping | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Many of you have probably noticed that the long, sunny summer days are now behind us, and that can only mean one thing: winter is coming! And while summer is a great time to get out and explore, camping during the colder months is a lot of fun, too!

With that said, cold-weather camping poses a unique set of challenges, and investing in the right equipment is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. Whether car camping, backpacking, or overlanding, one piece of gear that immediately comes to mind is a dependable, long-lasting car battery!

In this article, we’ll share why lithium batteries blow traditional batteries out of the water for cold-weather camping in terms of performance and reliability. In particular, we will look at the Ultimatron Lithium Battery, which I’ve had in my Turtleback Expedition Trailer for a couple of years now.

From its built-in heater and Bluetooth connectivity to its innovative no memory effect and five-year warranty, we’ll explain why it’s the best lithium battery we’ve ever tested. So, keep reading if you are planning cold-weather camping trips this winter and want to learn more about lithium batteries!

The Integrated Heater of the Ultimatron Lithium Battery

Ultimatron Lithium Battery LifePO4 100Ah With Heater Right Side | Planar Distribution Ltd.

The first thing that makes the Ultimatron Lithium Batteries special is its one-of-a-kind integrated heater. Everyone knows batteries typically drain faster in cold temperatures and have a shorter lifespan–but not the Ultimatron! Thanks to its heater, this 12.8V 100Ah lithium battery is rated to last for over 3000 charging cycles.

Moreover, it will continue working even in extreme temperatures, when other batteries would be completely shot. It has a temperature range for charging from -20°C to 45°C and for storage from -5°C to 35°C.

You might be asking yourself, “Wait…A battery and a heater in one? Is that safe?” And the answer is a resounding yes! These 100Ah lithium batteries are constructed using the most modern and safest technology currently on the market, and there is no risk of fire or explosion like some older batteries.

The Bluetooth Connectivity of the Ultimatron Lithium Battery

Ultimatron Lithium Batteries Review | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Next, there’s the smart Bluetooth and Battery Management System (BMS) of the Ultimatron Lithium Battery. While batteries don’t typically come to mind when thinking about advanced technology, this battery is the outlier! The truth is, it has more in common with your Smartphone than it does with many old batteries.

The Bluetooth 4.0 lets you link the battery with a mobile application on your phone or tablet to view all the most important battery information in real-time. This includes data like current voltage, life cycles used, charging performance, and more.

On the other hand, the BMS goes a step further by actually letting you control and change elements of the battery straight from the app. This means you can improve the efficiency of your lithium battery depending on the weather conditions and protect it from common issues found in other batteries like overheating, overcharging, or overvoltage.

The No Memory Effect of the Ultimatron Lithium Battery

Ultimatron Lithium Battery LifePO4 100Ah With Heater Top Side | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Let’s start by defining the term “memory effect” when discussing batteries. It is the ability batteries have to remember charging and usage patterns over their lifetimes. While this sounds like a good thing, it isn’t. That’s because what the memory effect actually does is remember that the battery is not usually fully charged and starts delivering less energy over time.

Lucky for you, Planar Distribution Ltd. went out of its way to eliminate the memory effect in the Ultimatron Lithium Battery. This means your battery will retain its peak performance for longer and produce more energy, even at extremely cold (or hot) temperatures. It also makes the battery more efficient both when charging and discharging.

The Five-Year Warranty of the Ultimatron Lithium Battery

The Five-Year Warranty of the Ultimatron Lithium Battery | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Today, most standard car batteries only come with six-month or one-year warranties. Even most high-end batteries won’t exceed three years. Not the Ultimatron Lithium Battery, though! It comes fully backed by a five-year guarantee, so once you install one of these bad boys in your camping vehicle, you won’t have to worry about it for years!

Another benefit of owning a high-quality lithium battery is that it gives you the peace of mind to explore even the wildest and most remote parts of the backcountry. And if, God forbid, there were any issues during the first five years, you can rely on Ultimatron for assistance and support!

Final Thoughts on Cold-Weather Camping With a Lithium Battery

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Now that you know what makes a lithium battery like the Ultimatron 100Ah a must-have for cold-weather camping, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the switch and upgrade your rig! It’s one of the best upgrades I’ve ever made to my overlanding setup.

Do you want a lithium battery but aren’t sure 100Ah is enough power for your current setup? No worries, Planar Distribution Ltd. manufactures 180Ah, 200Ah, and 280Ah versions of the same model. Additionally, check out the list below of other fantastic cold-weather camping accessories currently in stock on their website: