Planar Heaters 2D-HA-PU27 Diesel Air Heater Kit | Planar Diesel HeatersI’m not much for being cold, but I love to overland in the winter. Go figure, right?

And my guess is that you or someone in your life is in the same boat…

For those cold-weather trips, it’s hard to beat a diesel air heater. And when it comes to diesel air heaters, the Planar 2D-HA-PU27 is a great choice.

This heater operates on diesel fuel and comes in two versions: 12V or 24V. Its operation is independent of the engine, so you can be toasty warm with 7,000 BTU/h of heat in your RV, camper, van, boat, or other vehicles without idling the engine.

Better still, the heater only uses about 0.264 gallons (one litre) of fuel for five to eight hours of operation, so you can rest assured that it won’t drain your vehicle’s tank while you’re sleeping.

The fully automated temperature control and diagnostic system make this heater simple to use. Its compact design and plug-and-play installation mean that you can get the heat going in no time as well.

Planar 2D-HA-PU27 Digital Controller | Planar Diesel HeatersOn top of all that, this heater comes with a PU-27 digital controller, a basic installation kit, and an inbuilt self-adjusting fuel supply system that enables it to be used at altitudes of 8,200 feet or 2,500 meters (and above).

In other words, this is a fantastic holiday gift idea for yourself or a loved one that wants to extend their camping or overlanding time into the winter months. And with a two-year warranty on parts and labor, it’s a gift that comes with peace of mind, too!

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