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If you enjoy camping, hunting, ice fishing and other outdoor recreational activities, you know the importance of having a portable heater for those cold days and nights. If you are searching for a reliable heating device, we recommend the Planar portable diesel heaters.

The benefits of a Planar portable diesel heater

The Planar portable diesel heaters are designed and assembled in Canada. These heaters are self-contained units which can be used by those camping in a recreational vehicle or those who enjoy sleeping under the stars.

The portable heaters come in two models: Planar 2D-12 (7,000 BTU) and Planar 44D-12 (13,600 BTU). Both models come with a remote wired controller and are mounted into an impact resistant, rugged, lightweight case. The portable heaters also come with a 7-litre attached fuel tank with a combustion air intake filter, insulated exhaust, stainless steel brackets and fasteners.

The portable heaters are fuel efficient with max consumption as low as 0.24 litres per hour for the Planar 2D-12 and max fuel consumption of 0.49 litres per hour for the Planar 44D-12. The heaters also come with variable heat output control and high safety ratings.

Even though the portable heaters are powerful units with a strong flow of hot and dry air, they are still compact and lightweight, and convenient for travelling and use with an easy two-step set up for operation. You’ll also barely notice they are running as they produce very little noise.

Are you searching for a dealer who sells Planar portable heaters in North America?

If you want to buy a Planar portable heater in Canada or the US, contact us at Planar Marine and Truck Air Heaters.

Planar Marine and Truck Air Heaters is the first North American distributor of Advers Ltd. – Russian leading developer and manufacturer of the Planar heating systems for commercial trucks, boats, heavy equipment and portable heating systems.

At Planar Marine and Truck Air Heater, you will find quality products at affordable prices and all our heaters are backed by a 2-year warranty.

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