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Why Choosing Autoterm Planar Diesel Heaters for Your Boat Is the Best Choice

When it comes to keeping your boat warm and comfortable during the colder months, selecting the right diesel heater is crucial. At Autoterm Planar Diesel Heaters, we offer high-quality, reliable, and safe heating solutions that are perfect for marine environments. In this article, we will explain why choosing Autoterm Planar Diesel Heaters for your [...]

Stay Warm this Spring with a Portable Diesel Heater

Spring camping brings the promise of fresh air, blooming flowers, and the great outdoors calling your name. But as the sun sets and temperatures drop, staying warm becomes essential for a comfortable camping experience. That's where Planar Diesel Heaters come in handy. Our portable diesel heaters are your reliable & top choice for keeping [...]

Why I Use Lithium Batteries to Power My Camping Equipment

Words and photos from 4wd talkI remember the days of roughing it while I was camping. Our camping equipment consisted of little more than a tent and basic kitchen utensils. Today, though, I’ve got a Turtleback Expedition Trailer with a rooftop tent that requires power for lighting, the onboard water pump, and outlets for me [...]

Frequently Asked Questions on Lithium Batteries for Camping

Words and photos from 4wd talk Ready for a game-changer in your outdoor adventures? Discover the power of lithium batteries for camping, the ultimate energy solution for the modern camper. These compact, high-capacity powerhouses offer unmatched efficiency and durability, making them a top pick for enthusiasts seeking reliable off-grid power. Today, we want to [...]

4 Reasons Why a Diesel Portable Heater is a Sound Investment

Words and photos from 4wd talk I’ve had my Planar Heaters 4kw diesel portable heater for several years now, and it has proven to be one of the best additions to my overlanding kit that I’ve ever made. This thing is bulletproof, ultra-efficient, works in all sorts of environmental conditions, and is easy to [...]

Make Rooftop Tent Camping Warm With a Diesel Heater

Words and photos from 4wd talk Nothing ruins a rooftop camping adventure like shivering through the night. Enter the Autoterm 2D Diesel Air Heater; your ticket to a warm and snug rooftop tent, no matter the outside temperature. This compact powerhouse can transform your chilly nights into cozy evenings under the stars, ensuring your [...]

The Ultimate Overlanding Battery

Words and photos from 4wd talk Jumping into the world of overlanding, I quickly realized the importance of a reliable power source. That’s when I discovered Ultimatron‘s 100ah lithium batteries and they’ve been powering my adventures without a hitch. Imagine having a battery that not only matches your overlanding spirit but also elevates your [...]

Why a Diesel Heater for Camping Should Be on Your Must-Have Gear List

Words and photos from 4wd talk When the chill sets in, camping enthusiasts face the dilemma of how to stay warm without compromising their connection with nature. This is where a diesel heater for camping becomes not just appealing, but essential. Offering unmatched warmth and efficiency, they are revolutionizing outdoor adventures, making cold weather [...]

Using Lithium Batteries as Backup Power When RV Park Camping

Words and photos from 4wd talk Reliable power is a cornerstone of a smooth RV park camping experience. While most RV parks provide full hook-ups, including electrical power, it’s wise to prepare for the unexpected. Power outages, though rare, can happen. In such situations, having a robust battery backup like Ultimatron‘s lithium iron phosphate [...]

Why Diesel Heaters are Essential for Your Camper Trailer?

As the vibrant hues of spring emerge and nature beckons, it's the perfect time to prepare your camper for a season of outdoor adventures. One indispensable addition to upgrade your springtime camping experience is a diesel heater. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the main reasons why diesel heaters are a game-changer for [...]


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