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Cold Weather Camping Experience With Planar 4kW Portable Diesel Heater | Portable Planar Diesel Heater | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Portable camping heaters are a game-changer for cold weather camping trips, and our go-to one is the Portable Diesel Air Heater 4D-12V by Planar Heaters

It’s a compact, lightweight, and efficient heater that runs on diesel or kerosene. In eight hours of use, it burns only 3-4 liters of fuel, even at high altitudes (up to 8,200 feet). It’s also quiet, so you can get much-needed shut-eye without having to listen to a clunky, loud heater all night!

Overlandish Base Camp v2 with Planar Portable Diesel Heater | Planar Distribution Ltd.

One of the biggest advantages of this heater is that it offers instant “dry heat.” This means that you won’t have to worry about any unwanted condensation or moisture forming in your tent while it’s running. It also works great in camper vans, RVs, camping trailers, boats, and even ice-fishing huts.

For example, I use this portable diesel heater to heat my various ground tents, but it offers enough heat that I can split it between my tent and a buddy’s tent to keep both tents warm. I could also use it to keep my Jeep Gladiator warm if I decided to go car camping. That kind of flexibility is hugely valuable!

Using Portable Diesel Heater in a Camouflage Tent For Cold Weather Camping | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Another important thing to note is that you set up the heater outside of your tent, and it pumps in the hot air with a high-temperature duct air hose (5 or 10 feet). This innovative design is safer than most portable heaters because there is less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Furthermore, it allows you to save precious space inside your tent for a roomier camping experience.

If you enjoy cold weather camping trips like I do, a reliable source of heat is a must, and that’s exactly what you get with portable diesel heaters from Planar Heaters!

Visit our store in Surrey, BC, for an in-person experience, or explore our line of portable diesel heaters online. Seize the warmth with just a click or step – the choice is yours. Shop online now for the ultimate heating solution from Planar.