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Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot Review | Planar Distribution Ltd.

As winter gets closer and starts to cast its enchanting spell upon us, the allure of camping in the snow takes on a new and magical quality. For those who relish the idea of winter camping but want a comfortable, well-protected, and compact shelter, teardrop trailers provide the ideal solution.

In this article, we’ll share four tips that are easy to implement and guaranteed to make your winter camping experience more enjoyable. From planning properly and purchasing a portable heating solution to investing in a robust, off-road teardrop trailer, you don’t want to miss what we have to say below. Additionally, we’ll recommend one of our favorite teardrop trailers for winter camping.

Our tips for winter camping are designed to keep you warm, make you feel safe and secure in the backcountry, and, most of all, ensure you have fun. With that in mind, before you head out to explore the peace and beauty of winter camping in a teardrop trailer, join us on this journey tailored for winter adventurers!

Plan Your Winter Camping Trip Accordingly

Sherpa Trailers Bigfoot on the Road | Planar Distribution Ltd.

When you go camping, planning is an essential step. However, it is even more important when you go in winter time due to colder temperatures and the increased likelihood of bad weather. For us, the first step is deciding how we want to camp–with a tent or teardrop trailer (usually, we opt for our Bigfoot teardrop trailer in winter).

After that, you need to complete a checklist of all the basics you must do before every camping trip. At the top of that list should be checking your destination’s upcoming weather/road conditions and notifying people of where you are going and the dates you plan to be gone (in case of emergencies).

Other things to remember include taking enough food/water, packing extra warm clothes, having fire-making gear, etc. One benefit of going with the Bigfoot teardrop trailer in winter is that it doesn’t have an integrated water system, so you don’t have to worry about water lines freezing in extreme temperatures.

Winter Camping Requires a Trailer With Proper Off-Road Pedigree

Exploring the Mountains with Sherpa Bigfoot | Planar Distribution Ltd.

Whether you typically stick to main mountain highways or explore small backcountry roads and trails, driving with a trailer in winter conditions can be a challenge. Most teardrop trailers can’t handle winter roads covered in ice and snow, so you must only go with one with proper off-road pedigree, like the Bigfoot teardrop trailer.

The Bigfoot has large 31-inch 10-50 R-15 tires and a straight Dexter angle and leaf spring suspension system. The ferocious tires have excellent traction and no problems cutting through deep snow or mud. At the same time, the powerful suspension system features 1400-pound springs on both sides of the trailer.

Towing and handling are also strengths of the Bigfoot. It only weighs 1300 pounds, meaning you can easily tow it with any truck or SUV. Moreover, it boasts a wheeled jack on its tongue and two stabilizer jacks at the back, enhancing its overall stability and portability.

Winter Camping Also Requires a Trailer With a Robust Build

Big Foot Trailer with Jeep | Planar Distribution Ltd.

To feel safe and secure when teardrop trailer camping in winter, you want a high-quality trailer with a robust build, not one that feels made of paper. Lucky for you, the Bigfoot teardrop trailer once again checks that box.

Its combination of exterior grade plywood, 2” x 4” ribs, and 24-gauge sheet metal make it incredibly structurally sound and allows it to withstand heavy snow loads. On top of that, 1.5 inches of foam, a hardwood underlayment, and a 040-aluminum outer skin will help keep out the cold so you can stay warm.

While the base model is already a beast, you can make it even sturdier by customizing it and adding optional teardrop trailer accessories.

Add a Portable Diesel Heater to Your Winter Camping Kit

Portable Diesel Heater in the Car for Winter Camping | Planar Diesel Heaters

Traveling with a trustworthy and reliable portable heater can make or break your experience depending on where you go winter camping and how sensitive you are to cold temperatures. Our go-to heater for teardrop trailer camping in winter is the Planar Heaters 4kw portable diesel heater.

It takes up very little space, runs on diesel or kerosene, and heats inside a teardrop trailer in only a few minutes. In addition, it’s extremely efficient (it will last up to eight hours on only 3-4 liters of fuel) and boasts a built-in silencer and air filter. Not bad, right?

Final Thoughts on Winter Camping

Bigfoot Trailer Off-Road | Planar Distribution Ltd.

We have been going winter camping since childhood, and it was always so much fun. But let me tell you, winter camping with an off-road teardrop trailer takes the experience to a whole new level!

When teardrop trailer camping in winter with a trailer like the Bigfoot, you have tons of storage space, built-in power, and even the option to attach a rooftop tent. Furthermore, thanks to its top-notch off-roading specs and heavy-duty build quality, you can explore worry-free wherever you want.